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Distributed Energy Resources

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are a broad category of resources that includes distributed generation, energy storage technologies, combined heat and power systems, and microgrids. A DER is generally customer-sited to serve the customer’s power needs, but may, in some instances, sell excess capability to the grid.


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NYISO Sets the Record Straight on Carbon Pricing Project

As New York’s independent grid operator, we read with concern the recent Daily Caller article “NY’s Grid Operator Is About To Make Electricity Even More Expensive.” The article makes a number of claims that are incorrect. READ MORE

People Who Power New York: “You get to keep the lights on for every New Yorker.”

Passion. It's a quality so many of our people powering New York have, and Mike is no exception. Meet Mike from our External Affairs team. READ MORE

People Who Power NY: “An environment of continuous learning and growth.”

The thing that hooked Francine on the energy industry might not interest a lot of people but anyone who’s deeply passionate about learning can probably relate. Meet Francine from the Information Technologies team. READ MORE

Capacity & Energy

When if comes to measuring electricity, it is important to distinguish between capacity and energy, which can be easily confused. READ MORE

NYISO Addresses Potential Interconnection of NRG’s Dunkirk Generation Facility

NYISO President and CEO Brad Jones responds to Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello’s June 10th commentary regarding the future of NRG’s Dunkirk facility. READ MORE

Understanding Summer Energy Demand

This is the time of year when New Yorkers start using air conditioners and fans to help battle the heat. However, no matter how hot it gets, the NYISO is prepared for this peak energy demand so you… READ MORE

Job Corp Students Get Schooled on Real World Solar

Students from Hudson Valley Community College’s Job Corp program recently visited the NYISO. In this video, Professor Joanne Coons, who teaches solar and photovoltaic course, describes the NYISO tour as, “a great part of their education.” READ MORE

People Who Power NY: “That’s what we do: work together and figure things out.”

The people powering New York don't just focus on power; they focus on personal interactions as well. Meet Patrick from our Stakeholder Services team. READ MORE

People Who Power NY: “An opportunity for ‘change the world’ kind of cool.”

How do you go from building jet engines to designing energy markets? For some people, power generation is a mission. That’s true for Whitney. READ MORE

NYISO’s Great Expectations for a Grid in Transition

New York’s centralized bulk power system, which has existed primarily to deliver reliable energy to every corner of the Empire State, is increasingly viewed as a critical element to achieving broader public policy goals for clean energy. READ MORE