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Intro to the NYISO: The Critical Value of New York’s Energy Markets

This eBook will introduce you to our mission, leadership, and role in managing NY’s power grid, energy markets, and system planning.

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Emilie Nelson explains how the NYISO works around the clock to meet consumer needs and enhance reliability

Reliably Powering NY’s Electric Grid

This 90-second video shows how we work around the clock to meet consumer needs, modernize technology, and enhance reliability.

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An infographic showing numbers for NYISO energy savings

NYISO by the Numbers Infographic

A simple infographic summarizing our impact, footprint, and key performance metrics.

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A photograph of transmission lines in a power grid

An Efficient Electricity Marketplace

In 90-seconds, see how New York’s energy markets benefit consumers, the economy, and the environment.

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A graph showing the power grid of the future

Grid of the Future, DER Infographic

Our vision for integrating distributed energy resources, and their impact on markets, supply, and demand in a distributed energy marketplace.

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State of the Grid Report: Power Trends 2017

This comprehensive 80-page report takes an in-depth look at the growing complexities that affect the evolution of New York’s power grid.

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Grand Opening of Control Center

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer and U.S. Congressman Paul Tonko celebrate the NYISO’s grand opening of its 64,000 square foot, state-of-the-art control center in 2014.

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Reports & Grid Planning

2018 Load & Capacity Data – Gold Book

This report presents the load and capacity data including historical and forecast seasonal peak demand, energy usage, and energy efficiency. Includes existing and proposed generation, transmission facilities, and other capacity resources.

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The State of Storage

A simple infographic summarizing the NYISO model for integrating energy storage resources onto the electric grid.

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2018-2022 Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan provides a clear vision on the way forward as industry transformation and public policy goals are redefining the power system and competitive wholesale markets. The NYISO remains committed to being a leader in reliability, market design and technological innovation.

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The State of Storage in NY’s Wholesale Electricity Markets

As the grid evolves, Energy Storage Resources (ESRs) contribution to an effective grid is expected to grow. ESRs such as pumped hydroelectric generators, flywheels, and batteries can help balance supply and demand.

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Pricing Carbon in NYISO’s Wholesale Energy Market: Brattle Study

The Brattle Group was hired by the NYISO to prepare a report on possible methods for incorporating the cost of carbon into electricity markets while aligning with public policy objectives.

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DER Roadmap for New York State’s Wholesale Electricity Markets: Jan 2017

This report outlines plans for a future grid that moves from a primarily central station model to a distributed renewables, bi-directional model.

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2016 Comprehensive Reliability Plan

This comprehensive report concludes NY State Bulk Power Transmission Facilities will meet all applicable Reliability Criteria over the 2017 through 2026 Study Period, and confirms that the initially identified Reliability Needs in the 2016 Reliability Needs Assessment (RNA) are resolved. Download the report.

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2016 Reliability Needs Assessment

This report assesses both the transmission and resource adequacy and the transmission security of the New York Control Area (NYCA) bulk power transmission system from year 2017 through 2026. Download the report.

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