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A 2000 photograph of the NYC skyline

NEW YORK TIMES | How NYC Gets Its Electricity

Feb. 10, 2017 | When you turn on a light or charge your phone, the electricity coming from the outlet may well have traveled hundreds of miles across the power grid that blankets most of North America — the world’s largest machine, and one of its most eccentric.


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PRESS RELEASE | NYISO Strategic Plan: Building Markets for the Future

Jan. 12, 2018 | With technology and rapid change transforming the energy industry and placing new demands on the electric grid, the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) today released a multi-year strategic plan focused on addressing these… READ MORE

UTILITY DIVE | Closing Indian Point nuclear plant will not hurt reliability, New York ISO says

Dec. 15, 2017 | The closure of Entergy's Indian Point nuclear facility will not threaten grid reliability, the New York ISO concluded in a report issued yesterday. The company announced in January that it would close the plant's… READ MORE

UTILITY DIVE | NY ISO plan sees storage in state’s wholesale markets by 2020

Dec. 5, 2017 | The New York ISO yesterday released a new report, "The State of Storage," kicking off the process of developing a model for energy storage resources to participate in the state's wholesale markets. READ MORE

POLITICO | State’s grid operator lays out plan to promote energy storage resources

Dec. 4, 2017 | The NYISO is working on new market rules and software to allow energy storage resources to make a single bid into the wholesale electricity market and be more fully compensated for the value they… READ MORE

RTO INSIDER | NYISO Readies Market for Energy Storage, State Targets

Dec. 4, 2017 | NYISO has developed a three-phase approach to opening its wholesale electricity market to storage resources, the ISO said Monday upon release of a comprehensive energy storage report describing the plan. READ MORE

PRESS RELEASE | NYISO Releases State of Energy Storage Report

Dec. 1, 2017 | The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) today released its plans for creating a market participation model designed to maximize the economic and societal benefits of Energy Storage Resources (ESRs). READ MORE

PRESS RELEASE | NYISO Forecasts Adequate Electric Capacity for Winter 2017-2018

Nov. 30, 2017 | New York’s electric system has the capacity to meet demand for electricity and the necessary operating reserves during extreme cold weather conditions through the 2017-2018 winter season, according to the New York Independent System… READ MORE

RTO INSIDER | New York Works to Frame Carbon Policy

Nov. 21, 2017 | The planning for pricing carbon into NYISO’s markets should be more clearly defined, stakeholders told ISO and New York state officials Monday. READ MORE

S&P GLOBAL | Brad Jones, New York Independent System Operator CEO, Americas energy CEO series

Nov. 21, 2017 | The intersection of public policy and wholesale power markets is among the most important issues currently facing the US power industry, and New York is at the forefront of these developments, New York Independent… READ MORE

T&D WORLD | NYISO Selects NextEra Transmission Project to Increase Access to Hydro Power

Nov. 1, 2017 | In a decision that will support New York’s goal of maximizing the flow of energy from renewable resources in the region, the New York Independent System Operator’s Board of Directors has selected a proposal… READ MORE